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Being a Host Home/Life-Sharing Provider means living with and sharing experiences with a supported individual and forming a caring household.  A Host Home/Life-Sharing residential setting is recognized as being a close, personal relationship and place to live for the supported individual.  A Host Home/Life Sharing partnership uses the importance of enduring and permanent relationships as the foundation for learning life skills, developing self-esteem and learning to exist in interdependence with others.  The experience provides an opportunity for each individual with intellectual/developmental disabilities to grow and develop to his or her greatest potential and participate in the everyday life of the community.  This partnership offers a less restrictive environment, and provides individualized supports based on the supported individual’s needs.  We are currently supporting individuals in Berrien, Brooks, Coffee, Cook, Lanier, Lowndes, Tift, Turner, and Worth Counties.


For more information, contact our Contract Services Supervisor.

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